send up the batsignal! series 4: supervillains – the bad guys

Classic Supervillains for Batman to thwart (movies):

Mr. Freeze (Dr. Victor Fries) was disfigured during a cryogenic experiment. He now funds his research with crimes based on an ice theme in an effort to cure his wife’s terminal illness.

Bane was born and raised in a Caribbean prison. He believes that Batman is the demonic bat that haunted his boyhood dreams. His superhuman strength comes from addicting Venom that is injected through his mask. Bane becomes the only supervillain to break the Bat.

Two Face (Harvey Dent) is the product of an acid-spilling mob boss’ revenge – a disfigured, bipolar supervillain. His crimes revolve around the number 2, and he leaves decisions to fate by flipping a 2-headed coin.

The Riddler (Edward Nygma) is the criminal genius noted as being the most intelligent of Batman’s adversaries, rivaling Batman himself. His skill is in extreme formulation of puzzles. He leaves Batman cryptic clues to his future crimes and delights in superiority.

The Penguin (Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot) is an ornithology expert as well as the product of society’s rejection of the appearance of his deformed stature. His gains of wealth and power are through crimes against the people of Gotham, which he cunningly intimidates others to commit. His clever escapes are aided by the use of his weapon-concealing umbrellas.

More Supervillains we love to hate (DC comics):

Scarecrow (Professor Johnathan Crane) is a brilliant scientist addicted to fear, who invents a hallucinogenic gas that induces terror in his victims’ minds. He works for many of the other supervillains, hoping to confront the only thing he fears – Batman.

Mad Hatter (Jervis Tetch) believes that the mind is the weakest part of a person, and can hypnotize his victims with or without technological devices. He is obsessed with the book Alice in Wonderland and fanciful hats. He is a dark character originating from a mental instability caused by testosterone-enhancing drugs taken during adolescence. This scientist usually teams up with other supervillains, and is obsessed with Batman’s cowl.

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