I brought you flours

Harold Crick doesn’t know what he’s missing until he bites into a cookie and is instantly transported into the comfort zone by a gift made of love. Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.

The textural attraction that makes the cookie such a special treat comes from the process of cohesion from oil. Instead of evaporating and forming fluffy bubbles, as water does in a cake mix, oil coats the bubbles of carbon dioxide released by baking powder but does not saturate the mixture, thus giving the cookie crispness.

Heather is 50

Heather is 50

Two recipes you will love:

Wilton’s sugar cookie

Williams-Sonoma’s gingerbread cookie


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2 thoughts on “I brought you flours

  1. Until I read this post I had no idea how much I need an Elvis cookie cutter. A gingerbread Elvis cookie would work as well.

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