ostentatious? yes, please… bling’s the thing!

You speak with your hands. These active extensions of your body communicate to the world. A ring on the hand can make a powerful statement: love, wealth, power, creativity, delicate beauty. What drives you to choose your embellishments?

Early memories of a love for rings include the anxious arrival of the Eaton’s and Sears Christmas catalogues, loaded with page after page of mesmerizing orbs. And then another, a tiny, carefully wrapped mystery, marked to bonnie, love grandma, that would rival Captain Kidd’s legendary fortune.

first ringtreasure chestthese are a few of my favourite rings….


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6 thoughts on “ostentatious? yes, please… bling’s the thing!

  1. Love the rhinestone bat bling. Do you wear these or are they too precious? Great presentation.

  2. oh i wear them all! many at a time. it became my signature.

  3. Wow! Beautiful! I have a friend, she loves rings… she would be crazy about it!

  4. I think we should arrange a school field trip to your house. You have the best stuff.

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