a die is cast

cast iron muffin pans

A good cornbread muffin is hard to find. Any good baker knows you can only create a worthy batch in a properly seasoned cast iron pan. The quest began for the perfect recipe and an enticing way to serve it up. And that’s how the collection began…

cast iron bakeware collection

cast iron muffin pan collection

Cast iron bakeware must be properly seasoned for peak performance and to ward off surface rust. To clean a rusted pan, mix 1 part molasses (farm supply grade) and 9 parts water in a large vat. As the distinct fermenting smell and foamy crust of this bath is attractive to flies, keep the vat outside, covered but not sealed. Check on the progress of your submerged pan in 2 weeks.  A quick scrub with a non-abrasive brush and a hot water rinse will restore your bakeware to like-new condition. Seasoning a cast-iron pan will take an afternoon of devotion in welder’s gloves, but now your best muffins ever will slip right out of the pan.

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3 thoughts on “a die is cast

  1. They look like art pieces. What great photos. A beautiful looking blog.

  2. ooo i love the pics! These are awesome!

  3. What a beautiful blog! I love the photos and the layout overall.

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